Octopus create release step not working in Bamboo

When using Octopus Deploy: Create Release task in Bamboo build plan it fails because it’s not substitute Release number set in task definition. Previous tasks(Pack package and push package) works as expected but this one fails. Bamboo and Octopus servers are on windows environment. Latest version of plugin is used. Here is part of log for this task

simple 29-Mar-2019 12:37:56 Starting task ‘Create app Release’ of type ‘com.octopus.bamboo:task.createrelease’
command 29-Mar-2019 12:37:56 Beginning to execute external process for build app DEV - app Dev Nightly Build - Default Job #81 (RD-RDNB-JOB1-81)’\n … running command line: \nC:\Tools\Octo.exe create-release --server http://myoctopusserver.com --apiKey API-…3FJUBY --project app–version 2.25.${bamboo.BuildNumber} --debug --progress\n


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