Octopus.com ads?

I noticed Ghostery showing 30+ trackers when I popped over to octopus.com to see the latest release notes. Given I see Taboola in the mix, I wondered if something had gone awry on your end.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As it turns out we had a one month test with a product called RocketFuel to try and get a better understanding of how people where finding out about Octopus. As you can imagine that trial was not going to proceed past the first month and now that you have alerted us to the extra ad tracking we will be removing RocketFuel as quickly as we can.

I guess the primary reason that we didn’t catch this earlier is that it doesn’t show the extra trackers as being blocked in Ghostery when Ghostery is enabled:


Thanks for the heads up,


One dependency pulling in a bunch more perfectly explains this–I also only saw the tracker count go through the roof only when I had octopus.com set as trusted.

Glad I could help. Thanks for a great product!

Thanks Andrew! Glad you like it, we work pretty hard to make it the best we can :slight_smile: