Octopus Cloud support for Australia

Australian companies (and in other nearby countries) only have the option to deploy Octopus Cloud ~200ms away in the US. Then all their Australian deployment actions have to come all the way back. Plus UI is slower.

At launch last year there was talk of other regions ‘coming soon’. Any ETA on when that might be?

We’ve been holding off getting serious about Octopus Cloud until we can enjoy vastly lower latency on the UI than currently. It’s not Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about latency :wink:

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch!
You make a good point, and we have received requests from other customers wanting Octopus Cloud in other regions as well. This is on our roadmap, but unfortunately we can’t give an ETA just yet.


Thanks @anon29204547 what regions are popular to request? Seems like Frankfurt (Europe latency plus German/Europe data sovereignty) and Australia (Asia + southern hemisphere latency) would be the next two markets to hit?

Again it is going to be chicken and egg to justify the regions, since customers will probably self-host a lot only because no nearby region is supported.

Hi @Aaron_R

Those two regions roughly line up with customer demand, have seen requests for UK as well.

As @anon29204547 mentioned this is definitely planned, just bottled up behind some other work for our Cloud product that has to launch first to make this possible.


Thanks @Alex.Rolley, I’d agree. Having worked though it more, the lack of a migration/backup API is a bigger deal than I originally thought. I’d rate our priorities for Octopus Cloud, ie. the things that keep as from adopting it, as:

  1. API for migration and backup
  2. Let’s Encrypt Module to enable CNAME
  3. Australian hosting
  4. Some anxiety about the fixed 50GB storage limit

I think the storage thing would be relatively easily address by using something elastic like S3 for the built-in package feed. Which would probably also be an attractive feature for the self-hosted product too.