Octopus Cloud Server Failing Deploy


We have recently moved from using a local server to Octopus cloud server. When we deploy we have noticed that some deploys are cancelled unexpectedly with the following error:

“The task was cancelled. The task was executing but the octopus server process that was executing the task terminated unexpectedly, or the octopus server computer shut down, potentially leaving this task in an inconsistent state. Please check the octopus server log files.”

We also get errors such as:

“Task XXX to Production for YYY was cancelled because the node octopus-i005690-8494bd984c-52rk8 went offline and was unable to complete it.”

Running the deploy a second time usually results in a success.

We no longer have server logs in our Octopus directory anymore as it is in the cloud. Can you help investigate why we are getting these errors? The tentacles seem fine.


Allan Lainchbury

Hi Allan,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with your Octopus Cloud instance. We’ve been encountering this issue with some of our hosted customers on our new platform, and have nailed it down to an issue with the dotnet runtime (you can find our GitHub issue on this here: https://github.com/dotnet/runtime/issues/34271) - instead of waiting for a fix to dotnet itself, we’ve just finished working around this problem so that we can get it resolved for you and any of our other impacted users ASAP. We anticipate that we’ll be rolling out a new version of Octopus with this workaround early next week, but if you’re encountering this, and it’s seriously blocking your workflow, we can manually upgrade your instance to a pre-release version before then.

Please let me know!