Octopus Cloud: Lifecycle creation bug

While creating lifecycle got an error:

Your Octopus Cloud subscriptions allows maximum rentention policies of 30 days.

But retention policies are set to number of releases, not days and both are way less than 30

Phase settings are inherited, did tried to set them implicitly - did not work either

At moment the only way to configure lifecycle is to set Days for retention policies and be sure that they are less than 30

Hi @marchenko_alexandr,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This message will likely be referring to the package retention rather than the release retention.

If you head to Library > Packages and check the policy on the right hand side:


might be, but I’m on screen of creating lifecycle it does not relates to packages at least no configuration options is given

And just in case I did check packages and see exactly the same as in your screenshot (30 days)

So why there is an error message then? I mean that it is not 42 or 31 days

Ah ok, I see what you mean now.

I believe this is working as intended, as setting this to releases rather days could easily go past the 30 day policy that we want to maintain.

I will check with our engineers though, just to be sure that this isn’t an oversight, and also to correct the awful spelling of ‘retention’ in the warning message.


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