[Octopus Cloud] JavaScript error when canceling a task

Browser: Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When canceling a task on the Tasks page, I’m getting the following JavaScript error:

TypeError: this.replaceLoop is not a function
    at t.e.refresh [as doRefresh] (refresh-loop.ts:29)
    at t.<anonymous> (Task.tsx:234)
    at _ (tasks.a3710a5d9732a8ea9c09.hashedasset.js:4858)
    at Object.next (tasks.a3710a5d9732a8ea9c09.hashedasset.js:4839)
    at s (tasks.a3710a5d9732a8ea9c09.hashedasset.js:4830)
    at M (es6-promise.js:410)
    at C (es6-promise.js:425)
    at T (es6-promise.js:393)
    at MutationObserver.c (es6-promise.js:118)

Here’s a screenshot:

Hi Broth,

That was a known bug in 2018.6.9 which your Octopus Cloud Server was running and it was fixed in 2018.6.10. I noticed your maintenance window was open so I kicked off an upgrade and now you’re on 2018.6.14 :slight_smile:.

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Thank you, Chris!

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