Octopus Cloud Instance Server Issues


I’ve raised this on email too, due to the impact, but I can’t run anything on the server worker without getting the following:

A request was sent to a polling endpoint, but the polling endpoint did not collect the request within the allowed time (00:02:00), so the request timed out.

My instance is https://guestline.octopus.app/ and I give you permission to logon if you need.


Looks like I may have found the issue. Last week I removed the default worker pool as we’ve moved to static workers that we run. Putting that back in has let me deploy this time.

If Octopus needs that pool, why let me delete it?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for letting us know that it’s fixed. I’ve got the operations team looking into your instance.

I’ve tested this on a new cloud instance and from my tests, I’ve concluded that deleting the default worker pools is not possible. Additionally - anything that might cause issues, usually displays a warning before allowing you to proceed.

My assumption is your ability to delete your default worker pool may have been introduced during one of the Octopus Server upgrades. I apologize that this has caused some deployment issues for you. The operations team I’m sure will look closely at your instance and make sure nothing else seems awry.

I will let you know when I get an update.

Kind Regards,


Hi Dane,

Yeah looks like there’s two issues actually.

First is resolved as above, but the second is similar and reporting a SQL Timeout when trying to deploy in bulk. I’ve raised this on a Support email, but yet to hear back. Not sure if you want to close this or the email ticket?


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