Octopus CLI v4.x error when creating release with mono

I’ve been putting together an Alpine Docker image which calls out to Octopus via the octo.exe + mono. I’ve run into an issue however which only seems to impact v4+ of the CLI.

The issue is when creating a new release, the operation fails due to an incorrect resource path. The super frustrating thing is that the release is successfully created, it’s the GET on the release after it’s created that blows up.

Here’s the relevant debug logs from the operation, you can see the “file:///” injected into the path.

Creating release…
POST https://octopus..com/api/releases?ignoreChannelRules=False
GET https://octopus.
The resource you requested was not found.
Error from Octopus server (HTTP 404 NotFound)
Exit code: -7

I’ve dropped back to v3.5.4 and things work ok, but if there’s a quick fix here that would be super helpful. I dug around the source a bit but nothing stood out to me.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch.

That is a strange. I’ve reproduced the issue and will look into it today: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3474