Octopus CLI - Pack issue on Centos

We ran an upgrade on our servers earlier and found our TeamCity builds that use the CLI to run “Octo Pack” were failing.

I checked the upgraded packages and saw
Updated octopuscli-7.4.3133-1.x86_64 @octopuscli
Update 7.4.3168-1.x86_64 @octopuscli

The error we were getting is:

Failed to determine location for extracting embedded files
DOTNET_BUNDLE_EXTRACT_BASE_DIR is not set, and a read-write cache directory couldn’t be created.
A fatal error was encountered. Could not extract contents of the bundle

After downgrading the CLI, the error went away.
Is this a bug? I saw a very similar issue from a year ago on a Mac.

As it related to .Net, the versions of the SDK and runtime installed are:
Updated dotnet-sdk-3.1-3.1.407-1.x86_64
Update 3.1.408-1.x86_64

Updated dotnet-sdk-5.0-5.0.201-1.x86_64
Update 5.0.202-1.x86_64

Updated dotnet-runtime-3.1-3.1.13-1.x86_64
Update 3.1.14-1.x86_64

Updated dotnet-runtime-5.0-5.0.4-1.x86_64
Update 5.0.5-1.x86_64


Hi @tkenyon!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Octopus CLI.

I’m glad you were able to get unstuck by downgrading, but naturally, we’d like to make sure that this matter does not impact any other users.

Looking at the changelogs, it appears like those two versions are identical.

Which is the most puzzling part. I know there’s work being done in the later versions for net5.0, but those changes are from version 7.4.3180 onwards..

In the event that anyone else is hit by this, it could be worked around by populating that environmental variable (likely as an entry in your .bashrc file) like so:

  mkdir -p .net/temp
  export DOTNET_BUNDLE_EXTRACT_BASE_DIR=$(pwd)/.net/temp

I’ll reach out to the engineers who have been making these changes and see if there is anything that I’ve missed here. Just for reference, if we need to reproduce this, what version of CentOS are you running on the build agents?

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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