Octopus Certificate Upload error in Azure portal

Hi Team,
As we are using octopus 3.4.14 version as deploying tool for our application. Recently the Microsoft azure web portal upgrade to new web portal.
As relocation of the portal we are not able to upload the octopus certificate in azure portal.So please guide us deploy.If any Prerequisites?

Can you please find the attachment file of Upload error in Azure portal.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce this problem. We were able to successfully upload management certificates via the new portal’s Subscription > Management certificates menu.

From your screenshot, we notice the Overview page shows a warning that we can’t fully read. Could you confirm what that warning text says? Eg. “This subscription is…”

If this problem persists, you could try creating another Octopus account, let it generate a new Management Certificate and try again. If that fails as well, Azure support may be able to provide some more information on why your certificate is failing to upload.

If that continues to fail for you, could you confirm what you are trying to deploy? If possible, you could try using Azure Service Principal accounts instead and see if that works for you.

Hope this helps.


We are facing the same problem…
The warning message states:
“This subscription is managed in the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal”

Although I am the “Owner” of this subscription, but still not able to upload the certificate.
There is no other information from Azure, just that the upload failed…

Hi, thanks for clarifying that message.

For your subscription type, do you need to be logged into some special Enterprise Portal?

From what we understand, this message appears if you have an Enterprise Agreement … “Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EAs) that cover licensing and support for their entire portfolio of Microsoft applications and services”

We don’t have any details about this type of subscription unfortunately, so we recommend you contact Azure support and see if they can provide some guidance for your subscription type.

Sorry we can’t be of more help.