Octopus Backup failure

I just noticed the automated backups are not working and I saw that you have a bug in GitHub to track this issue. So, I looked through the Tasks and found a backup still running from over a month ago. I clicked cancel on that task and it’s not stopping. I restarted the server and it still says it’s cancelling. How can I kill this task?


Hi Dan,

This needs to be done via RavenDB - you can browse to it via the link in the Octopus Manager app. The task’s ID from the URL should let you find it in the ServerTasks collection - from there you can set its status to Cancelled.

Did you restore from a backup at any time in the recent past? This was the root cause of the reported issue - if there are any other ways it can occur we’d love to track those down.


I looked in the Raven DB and I couldn’t find a task with the id in the url. Is there a specific place I need to look? Can you send me a query I can run to find the task?

I am not familiar with Raven DB so I’m kind of lost when browsing its documents.

Hi Dan,

When viewing the task details you’ll find the ID in the address bar:

Find the task ID

When you connect to RavenDB, authenticate with the local administrator Windows credentials. Then go to the System database (ignore the warning that appears next).

Open System database

Now in the “Go to document” text box, type the ID, and hit Enter:

With the document open, change the State field to Failed, and then click Save:

The next time your backup is due to run it should now complete.

Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience!


I followed these steps to try to get backup to work again since I did not get any more responses in this thread:

The backup task is now marked as failed, but automatic backup is still not working.
When I look at the failed backup task it has status failed, but it is still at 20% progress.

What can I do to get automatic backup working again?


Hi Jan,

Can you take a backup manually, then upgrade to the latest Octopus 2.2 prerelease, and then do a restore from that backup? It should fix up any running backup tasks.


Hi Paul,

I did as you suggested. A manual backup, upgrade, restore. It did not work. The manual backup that I did as part of this upgrade are shown as still running after I restored it on version 2.2.1. It was of course marked as complete before I used it for restore. Any other ideas? You can also call me on skype to help sort this out. Jan.Lonsetteig


So now I actually got two hanging backup tasks. And I guess +1 for every time I would need to do a restore

Thanks Paul! This worked for us. It is now running it’s backup automatically…although it’s running it every 24 hours and I have it set to 36 hours. But, I’m just happy it’s running it!


Any new updates on this issue? We still have the problem. Every time we restore the manual backup task used to create the backup is running/hanging after the restore.

Automatic backups don’t work

It’s working now after upgrading to 2.3 pre-release and doing a restore :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping out