Octopus Azure Web App Deployment tool doesn't like the Pricing Tier of my Azure Service Plan


I am trying to setup deployment process from Octopus (3.16.0) to Azure API APP. The official template “Deploy an Azure Web App” is the step template I am using (see attachment). However, in the configuration page Octopus failed to load the Web App drop down list after I specified my Azure Account (see attachment).

It says “Requested value ‘PremiumV2’ was not found”.

Obviously ‘PreminumV2’ is the App Service plan/pricing tier I chose to use. (PremiumV2: 1 Small is the full name of the pricing tier)

Now I cannot choose the web app I want Octopus to deploy to. Can you please help me?



Hi Runyang,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Could you please confirm whether you’re using an Azure Management Certificate or Service Principal account type?

We just tested, and it seems that for premium-tier Azure services, you need to connect with a Service Principal account (otherwise Azure explodes when we try to retrieve the list of websites for the UI).

This is a UI bug and we have raised a GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available.

In the meantime, you can workaround this issue by either:

  • Using a Service Principal account
  • Selecting the “Custom Expression” checkbox next to the “Account” field and filling out the details of the resource group/web app manually (just use the names of the resource group/app name as they are in Azure), then you can save the step. The UI will still show the error if you re-open this step, but the data will be saved and your deployment will be able to run.

Hope this helps - let me know how you go.