Octopus Azure VM extension and private IP addresses

We use Octopus Azure VM extension via an ARM template to provision Tentacles on VMs. VMs don’t have Public IP addresses, but they are all on the same Virtual Network and accessible to Octopus Server by their Private IP addresses. Windows Domain not present.

The question is how to configure tentaclePublicHostNameConfiguration and tentacleCustomPublicHostName in ARM Template so that Octopus could connect to Tentacles. Published quickstart example shows how to do it with the Public IP address and the same settings don’t work for Private IP. Please advise!

Hi Konstantine,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You will need to set PublicHostNameConfiguration to "Custom" and CustomPublicHostName will need to be set to the private IP address for the VM, which is obtained by referencing the Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces resource in the ARM template. This should be something similar to the following:

"CustomPublicHostName": "[reference(variables('nic'),'2016-09-01').ipConfigurations[0].properties.privateIPAddress]"

where variables(‘nic’) is referring to the Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces resource.

Hope this helps!


Dean, this answers my question completely and verified works. Thanks a lot!