Octopus and automating infrastructure as a service

Hello , we’re currently investigating octopus and it looks pretty awesome . We’re looking to use it for automatic code deployment and want to carry out standing up resources in aws. This includes , standing up vpcs , subnets , route tables ,ec2’s , autoscaling groups , updating autoscaling groups etc. Can all this be done directly from octopus or do I need some other tool to do this deployment ?

Current we use Team City as our CI our tool .

Looking for guidance around how I can achieve automating infrastructure in AWS , ie , treating infrastructure as code .



Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you’re liking Octopus so far!

The short answer is you can definitely use it to stand up resources in AWS, however it usually takes a bit of work. Because of the dramatic difference between the needs of different teams, there’s not a great deal of specific guidance we can give you. However, we do have plans to add better built-in support for Infrastructure automation. We’d love your feedback!

If you’re looking to get started, one great place to look would be the Tech blog for Domain.com.au. Their team uses AWS and they manage all of their infrastructure through PowerShell scripts. Much of that work is done through Octopus.

Their scripts allow them to stand up machines, make changes to autoscaling groups, etc. and they use the Octopus REST API to tell Octopus about the environment changes.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you go!