Octopus 4.1.4 new UI feedback

Hi guys, although the new UI has a much cooler feeling, I can’t say we like it very much here. This may have to do with the way we use Octopus but most operations take a lot of extra clicks now.

Deployment screen:

  • Re-deploying to an environment:
    It is not possible to re-deploy from a deployment status page.
    If you go back to the release page itself you will find a redeploy BUT the new deployment woon’t pick-up any of the previous settings.
    => That doesn’t feel like a re-deploy to me. Why not just list all environments of the current cycle on the deploy button like before?
    We had much hopes on the Re-Deploy button, but as it is it a downgrade.
  • Environment selection:
    If you open the associated drop-down, all settings will be clear even if you did not change the target environment
  • Tenant selection
    At best it is 1 click to open the drop-down, one click to select the drop-down and make the popup menu appear, one click to pick your selection, [if you did not manually select a tenant => an extra click to apply filter], then a final click to close the drop down since it’s got all the screen space used.
    Seriously, for people who deploy several time an hour this is just boring.

Environment management

  • Filter and action don’t match
    After selecting a subset of machines (for example pick Healthy machines), the “triple dot” button on the right top of the list of machines will provide a set of actions. These actions DOT NOT apply to the machines FILTERED but to all machines

Tenant edition

  • when you open the Edit Tags popup of a tenant it will always display the content of the first drop-down (list of tags from the first tag-set)

Project overview page

  • Filters are hidden
    Although the advanced filters and group by are awesome, why not provide quick filters for the the tenant name? There is way enough space on the column name or right of the 2 quick filters
  • Quick filter “by Release” is not intuitive
    This can be just a naming thing, but the name “Filter by release” means I don’t expect to still see tenants with “no release” deployed after filtering. The purpose of that is to support a “quick” deploy button, but it doesn’t feel quite right as it is now. I would rather expect a “deploy” butting with a drop down of the releases (like the quick filter) or a different portion of the screen letting me “quick deploy” after selecting a release. Tenants being picked on a second stage.

Duplicate: https://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/beta-testing-feedback/706