Octopus 2.6.X Deployment audit


We are using Octopus version

I am trying to figure out the best way to get a deployment audit for production environment for last 2 years.

I am not getting all deployments listed when I use the audit UI and apply filter for production environment.

I can see the latest deployments to production if I filter it by user but not by environment.

Is there some other way to get this information for example octo.exe.


Hi Vinay,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately in 2.6 the tooling for generating reports is not fantastic. If you are familiar with Raven Studio you could query the database directly.

I think the easiest method would be to migrate your data to the latest version of Octopus which would make generating the deployment audit extremely easy. The licensing only prevents deployments so you could keep your 2.6 installation and take a backup to import into the latest version and use the much improved Audit screen, or reports, or do custom SQL queries.

If you need with anything please let me know.


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