Octopus 2.6 - VariableView permission overrides VariableEdit permission of different environments

Hi, we have set up the following teams and roles in Octopus 2.6, and we have discovered that VariableView permission overrides the VariableEdit permission of different environments. Detail as below:

Applications Support Team (for SIT, UAT, PROD environments) :-

  • Environment Manager
  • Project Deployer (which include VariableEdit permission)

Application Support Team (for DEV environment) :-

  • Environment Viewer
  • Project Viewer
  • Variable Viewer (custom role which has VariableView permission selected)

We want the Applications Support team to fully manage the environment, variables and deployments of SIT, UAT and PROD environments. And we want this team to have only View access of the DEV environment and variables.

After setting this up, we logged in as an Applications Support member and tried updating a PROD variable, it generated this error:
" You do not have permission to perform this action, Please contact your Octopus Administrator. Missing permission: VariableEdit.
You don’t have permission to update the variable: ApplicationID. "

The VariableEdit permission has been overridden, and the Variable Name stated in the error is also wrong.

I have attached a few screenshots of this problem.

Can you please take a look?

Hi Canny,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is actually a bug - even though you didn’t edit the ApplicationID variable, Octopus thinks you did, tries to save it, and then fails. The good news is that we fixed this bug in Octopus 2.6.3, so if you upgrade it should work.

Hope this helps!


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the update. I’ll upgrade Octopus to v2.6.3 and let you know if we have any problems.

Thanks for the help again.