OctoPackAppendToVersion parameter

Its a pullrequest on github. I dont really know what a pullrequest means but I looked at the new parameter and its just what everyone using TFS probably wants. Since TFS in general is a nightmare, this seems to be a perfect workaround for everyone using TFS with multiple builddefinitions + Octopus Deploy

Question is when can we have OctoPackAppendToVersion parameter in OctoPack? version 3.0.44?


Thanks for reaching out. A pull request (PR) is a code submission from a user to a project, that can later on be accepted by the project owner. When the PR is accepted, the code changes are merged into the project.

We still don’t have a time frame for when that PR will be reviewed. If you need to use Octopack with this modification right away, you can compile it from the github branch of the user that submitted the PR: https://github.com/msnelling/OctoPack



Ok, so in the mean time i modified the tfs build template to enable a buildNumber-BuildType variable to be passed to the msbuild parameters like:

Since our buildNumber in TFS all end with suffix -Gated or -Nightly I am able to extract two substring from TFS, one being the assembly version (that is set wtih ApplyVersionTo Assemblies.ps1), and the other the build type. Im astonished by the way they have hidden all environment variables from the build definition in TFS and did not want to get in to modifying the template but now convinced that we have to go this way.

Hi! Is there any chance of someone reviewing this PR? This change would be very helpful to be supported out of the box. Thanks!

Hi All,

We have been over the PR and released it. It is part of OctoPack 3.0.50


awesome! thank you!

Please describe it in the docs.


I have gone and added this to the documentation.

Thanks for the feedback.