OctoPack Target


I am building my app using TeamCity and use parameters clean and rebuild in release mode. Everything works fine, the question is if the OctoPack target could honor the clean and get rid of any previous .nupkg files in the output directory.

What happens at the moment is, that the bin/release folder gets flooded over time with all the previous packages that have been created. This is then the third copy (TeamCity artifact, Octopus Package Cache and output folder).

I can get around this by configuring the TC agent to always clean the source but then builds take quite long due to nuget package restore and various node packages I have to download for each build.

Hi Timo,

TeamCity has a “build feature” called Swabra that you can use to clean specific directories. You could use it to clean any *.nupkg files from the bin/release directory prior to the build. This saves doing a full clean.

Hope that helps,