OctoPack still run on build server when OctoPack not enabled in sqlproj

My solution has 2 projects, one C# and one SSDT. I’ve disabled the “Octopus Compatible NuGet package” setting in the SSDT properties. But OctoPack is still being run on the project in the build server and a nuget package is being created. Why isn’t OctoPack honoring the setting?


What build server are you using, and how did you disable “Octopus Compatible NuGet package”?


Hi Paul,

I presume David is using ReadyRoll database projects in this case (which are based on SSDT projects).

OctoPack will run for RR projects even with the “Octopus Compatible NuGet package” setting unchecked, if the RunOctoPack property is set to True in the build configuration.