Octopack Skipping Some Projects

Hi ,
I added 2 new web projects to my solution, and made sure the octopack nuget was package was added to them. However on packing (in command line and in VSTS with the octopack step) they were being overlooked.

I found when looking in the csproj file for the projects, those successfully packed had the following included in the csproj definition:

However this was missing in the 2 projects being overlooked by the octopack process. Manually adding the above solved my issue, however I don’t believe this should be a manual step??? Any idea why it was not included already when i added the octopack nuget package to those 2 projects?

The octopack version is 3.4.3

Thank You

P.S. I also notice in the Octopack version history https://www.nuget.org/packages/OctoPack/ that 3.4.3 is not listed anymore???


Thanks for getting in touch. OctoPack 3.4.3 had an issue where we relied on a dependency that wasn’t available on some of our customers’ older machines, so we unlisted it. If you are able to push packages with OctoPack you aren’t effected, although you may wish to update to 3.4.6, and it certainly wouldn’t have caused your issue.

As for not including the build targets in your csproj file, yes this should have happened automatically (and I just tested it with 3.4.3 to confirm). Unfortunately this is just something we very occasionally see with Nuget, it seems to not correctly run the Install.ps1 script in the package. Usually just reinstalling OctoPack resolves things. If you ever see it again in a solution you can share (something open source up on GitHub, or a test project) please let us know as we’d love to investigate further, however it’s not something we’ve been able to reproduce.

I hope that helps.


Hi Mark,

If i were to upgrade Octopus Server & Tentacles can we be confident the current deployments settings in place would not be affected?

e.g. I have Standard & Custom step templates in use, also I run the server and tentacles under a dedicated service account.

Thank You


Upgrading Octopus should not effect any of your existing settings, if anything is changed by an upgrade that’s a bug and you should let us know. To be safe it is a good idea to take a backup of your Octopus database prior to upgrading so that you can revert if required.

There are a few things to consider when running Tentacles under dedicated accounts. In order to use the built in Tentacle upgrade from within Octopus the account Tentacle is running as needs to be able to upgrade itself. That means that the account needs permissions to stop and start the Tentacle service, and also needs sufficient privileges to run the Tentacle MSI.


Excellent, Thank You