OctoPack paths on Mono/Mac

I’m trying to get OctoPack running on Mono / Mac but seeing some strange path issues.

The NuSpec file that OctoPack generates into obj/octopacking has fully qualified paths (i.e. <file src="/Users/jcrowley/Development/SolutionName/src/ ) etc. However, it then calls

nuget.exe pack “/Users/jcrowley/Development/SolutionName/src/ProjectName/obj/octopacking/ProjectName.nuspec” -NoPackageAnalysis -BasePath “/Users/jcrowley/Development/SolutionName/src/ProjectName” -OutputDirectory “/Users/jcrowley/Development/SolutionName/src/ProjectName/obj/octopacked” -Version 0.0.0-beta

and gets upset because it can’t find


if I update the paths in the NuSpec file manually so they are relative to the BasePath parameter then the command works. I’m still digging through the OctoPack source code but on the off chance this is something that’s been asked about or reported before…

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately OctoPack wasn’t designed or tested to run on Mono/Mac.
There are two chances of getting this updated.

  1. is create a UserVoice and see if there is other community support for the feature
    or 2. Because OctoPack is open source and we accept PRs there’s a chance someone could stumble on this or the UV and decide to add support for you!