Octopack packs bin folder contents only

Building a webforms project which has a bin folder with dll s referenced, octopack packs dlls etc in bin folder into nuget pkg root and nothing else. See attached img.

Help would be super appreciated


Thanks for getting in touch. I created a test WebForms application with OctoPack and it packaged the application fine so something must be slightly different with your project. The best way to troubleshoot this is to review our OctoPack troubleshooting guide. The guide explains how to build an app from the command line and review its build log. OctoPack logs everything it does so it should help us figure out what is happening. For example, the build log for my test WebForm app looks like the following.

  OctoPack: Get version info from assembly: C:\Dev\Octopus\SimpleWebFormApp\SimpleWebFormApp\SimpleWebFormApp\bin\SimpleWebFormApp.dll
  Using package version:
  OctoPack: Written files: 111
  OctoPack: A NuSpec file named 'SimpleWebFormApp.nuspec' was not found in the project root, so the file will be generated automatically. However, you should
  consider creating your own NuSpec file so that you can customize the description properly.
  OctoPack: Packaging an ASP.NET web application (Web.config detected)
  OctoPack: Add content files
  OctoPack: Added file: About.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\AddPhoneNumber.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\Confirm.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\Forgot.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\Lockout.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\Login.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\Manage.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\ManageLogins.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\ManagePassword.aspx
  OctoPack: Added file: Account\OpenAuthProviders.ascx

One of the key lines is OctoPack: Packaging an ASP.NET web application (Web.config detected) as it tells us that OctoPack has detected a web.config file and so the app will be packaged as a web application. The build log file should provide more information on what is happening for your app.

Hope this helps!