OctoPack packages the wrong project

VS 2012, .net4 solution with a few projects, 1 web app, 1 units test poject and a few other library projects. i’m using octopack 2.0.20. When i run msbuild /t:Build /p:RunOctoPack=true my unit test project is packaged. I’ve created a nuspec file in the web app however that hasn’t worked either.

Any ideas?


Hi Sean,

It looks like OctoPack has been installed into the unit test project rather than the web application project. Can you try reinstalling OctoPack? There will be an OctoPack <Targets> entry in your unit test .csproj file that you will need to remove or move to the web app project file.


I re-installed the package and its sorted thanks.

These issues should now be fixed in the latest OctoPack release (2.0.24 and above)