OctoPack on a ASP.NET Web Site (not a Web Application)

Is it possible to run the Octopak packager on a ASP.NET Web Site? I’ve setup both empty Web Site and Web Application in the same solution, but have so far been unable to get the OctoPack to package up the Web Site - it works fine on the Web App. I have a feeling this is impossible as there’s no .csproj file to specify an msbuild target (OctoPack.targets). I’m currently workin on a large scale eCommerce site so I’m reluctant to convert it in to Web App. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it would be a dream to use Octopus for our deployments!

Hi Phil,

OctoPack isn’t supported for Web Sites (as you say, because there is no .csproj). However, you can still use Octopus. You’ll need to perform these steps:

  1. Perform a “publish” to a temporary folder (see these steps for an example)
  2. Ensure your .nuspec file is included as part of the publish
  3. Call Nuget.exe pack from the command line

All of this can be put into your build script to produce a package, and it’s basically all OctoPack does.

There’s a page about how the NuGet package should look in the Octopus documentation.

Hope that helps, let me know if anything is unclear!


Hi Paul, thanks so much for the quick response and details on a workaround. It’s massively appreciated as I spent most of yesterday trying everything to get it to work… :wink: