Octopack is not including bin folder when Packaging an ASP.NET web application

I recently upgraded octopus to version 3. Generated packages are now missing the bin folder.

The package is created with a custom msbuild script:



Output is as follows:

OctoPack: Get version info from assembly: WebApp.dll
Using package version:
OctoPack: Written files: 0
OctoPack: Copy file: WebApp.nuspec
OctoPack: Packaging an ASP.NET web application
OctoPack: Add content files
OctoPack: Added file: files
OctoPack: Add binary files to the bin folder
OctoPack: Attempting to build package from ‘WebApp.nuspec’.
OctoPack: Successfully created package ‘WebApp.’.
OctoPack: Copy file: WebApp.
OctoPack: OctoPack successful


Can you run MSBuild with the verbose setting /v:n and send the full build log?


“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Ide\MsTest.exe” "/testcontainer:D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\ProjectName.Tests\bin\Release\ProjectName.Tests.dll"
Microsoft ® Test Execution Command Line Tool Version 12.0.21005.1
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\ProjectName.Tests\bin\Release\ProjectName.Tests.dll…
Starting execution…
EXEC : warning : The disabled test ‘TestMethod1’ was removed from the test run. [D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\build.xml]

Results Top Level Tests

Passed ProjectName.Tests.Cron.CronTest.CronTiming
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Extensions.ExtentionTests.TestIsOverdue
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Mapping.MappingTests.CloneMappings
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Mapping.MappingTests.StandardMappings
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Schedule.MonthlyTests.Check31OrLastDayOfTheMonth
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Time.TimeTest.DayOfWeekInMonth
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Time.TimeTest.FirstDayOfMonth
Passed ProjectName.Tests.Time.TimeTest.StartOfDay
8/8 test(s) Passed


Test Run Completed.
Passed 8
Total 8
Results file: D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\TestResults\User_User 2014-02-24 09_59_15.trx
Test Settings: Default Test Settings
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -noprofile -nologo -noninteractive -command .\Build\CleanPackages.ps1
Cleaning out old packages
No packages to delete
No packages to delete
Project “D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\build.xml” (1) is building “D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\ProjectName.UI\ProjectName.UI.csproj” (11:2) on node 1 (OctoPack target(s)).
OctoPack: Get version info from assembly: D:\Projects\Company\ProjectName\ProjectName.UI\bin\ProjectName.UI.dll
Using package version:
OctoPack: Written files: 0

I think I figured it out:

After octopack moved to $(FileWrites) the method we were using to call octopack does not work anymore. The key is in the xml that Tender quietly removed from my question. We are not running octopack with the property flag but have been invoking it directly, leaving FileWrites blank.

The solution would therefore be to call octopack like this:
msbuild MySolution.sln /t:Build /p:RunOctoPack=true