OctoPack internal nuget.exe v3?

Is there a reason that the NuGet.exe inside the octopack is not >= v3?

We are running into an issue with version of octo nuget packages. We are trying to use SemVer 2.0.0 feature as outlined in:

We are looking at this format: 2.0.0-beta.2
NuGet 3.0 will understand these new dot-separated identifiers and properly sort them.

The nuget.exe inside the octopack nuget package is still v2, and throws the following error when using the version with dot after the beta label.

error OCTONUGET: ‘4.6.6-beta.15’ is not a valid version string.
error OCTONUGET: Parameter name: version

Thanks in advance,

As outlined in a previous post (correct-support-of-semver-20, the support for NuGet 3.0 and therefore SemVer 2.0 is something that we have on our radar. Due to various dependencies we have not yet made the move to NuGet 3.0 as it is unlikely to be a trivial update and need to ensure we always maintain backwards compatibility for our users. With the concept of NuGet so deeply embedded in our product we have to be careful about how and when the changes take place.

In 3.3 we have started to investigate breaking away our inherent dependency on NuGet by supporting other file formats which will provide us some flexibility towards providing SemVer 2.0 support out of the box end-to end. We will likely try to make these changes in stages to reduce major impact to the codebase and its behaviour.
Rest assured that as coders ourselves we are eager to make the change to help our own product development (keep in mind we dog-food and use Octopus Deploy for our deployments as well).

Thanks for dropping us a line, however I’m sorry we can’t currently provide a concrete timeline for when support for SemVer 2.0 will be provided. We may try to get some further changes in the next few minor releases, however we can’t make any promises to that end.

Thanks again,