OctoPack includes PDBs from referenced libraries but not the main one

So I have a solution like this:


  • Project1
  • Project2

Project1 references project2, and they are both built with “PDB-Only” when in release mode.

When doing OctoPack when building the project1, I get Project2.dll AND Project2.pdb, but only Project1.dll not the pdb.

Is this a bug, or is it the way it’s designed?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It should work the way you want it. I just created a new solution with a class library and a web app (web app referencing the class lib), set them to PDB only, installed OctoPack and ran a build. I got both dll files and the pdbs in the nuget package.

Some places you can look to troubleshoot on your build server:

  1. The output files in the bin directory of your app should contain all the files you want. This directory isn’t affected by OctoPack at all so if they are missing there then it’s a problem with your build or project settings.
  2. You should have some directories obj/octopacking and obj/octopacked. In octopacking you will see the nuspec file that is generated and exactly what it’s expecting to include. In OctoPacked you can see the nupkg as generated.

Hope that gives some places to track down, Let me know what you find.

Kind regards