OctoPack in VS 2008 Project

Is it possible to install Octopack in a VS 2008 project? If it is possible, how does one go about doing it?

I have successfully added it to a project in VS 2012 and configured it to work with Team City and Octopus Deploy all the way through our environment. But the legacy application, which we don’t want to migrate to VS 2012 is posing a problem.


You can copy the OctoPack files to your VS2008 project and manually add the statements to your C# project files; this is all that’s required to make OctoPack work. However I’ve not tested whether OctoPack will work under the version of MSBuild used in VS2008, so there’s no guarantee that there won’t be problems.

If you are unable to make OctoPack work, you may need to look into creating a .nuspec and calling Nuget.exe pack manually as part of your build process.

Hope that helps,