OctoPack and TeamCity

Hi Paul,

I was wondering if you could offer some guidance on using OctoPack with TeamCity. I take it from some of your responses to other questions that this is something you already have working.

I followed your OctoPack guidelines from here to create a very similar sample project. This sample project works fine when building in release mode from Visual Studio 2010, it correctly generates a .nupkg file in the bin directory.

I have created a MSBuild build task under TeamCity. The build step is targeting “Rebuild” and there is a command line parameter for “/p:Configuration=Release”. However when this runs I get the following error:

error OCTO: 1001: OctoPack: Expected to find a NuGet spec file named TeamCitySampleDeploy.csproj.nuspec under C:\tfs\TeamCitySampleDeploy\TeamCitySampleDeploy. You can fix this error by adding a NuGet spec file with that name, or override the name of the file by setting a property called OctopusNuSpecFileName in your project.

When I changed the name of my nuspec file to be “TeamCitySampleDeploy.csproj.nuspec” I got the following error:

error MSB3073: The command ““C:\tfs\TeamCitySampleDeploy\TeamCitySampleDeploy…\packages\NuGet.CommandLine.1.6.0\tools\NuGet.exe” pack “publish\TeamCitySampleDeploy.csproj.nuspec” -OutputDirectory “bin” -basePath “publish” -Version “1.0.0” -NoPackageAnalysis” exited with code 1.

Is there something specific you have done to get OctopPack working with TeamCity? Also you mention adding arguments such as the following when building web projects:

msbuild MyWebApplication.csproj “/t:Rebuild” “/t:ResolveReferences” “/t:_CopyWebApplication” /p:Configuration=Release /p:WebProjectOutputDir=publish\ /p:OutDir=publish\bin\

Where would you specify these in the build step? Would it be in the command line parameters?

I have attached some images that hopefully help describe my setup.




Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch. Tonight I took the time to write up a blog post and sample project demonstrating how to use OctoPack and TeamCity:

Note that I fixed a couple of small bugs in OctoPack along the way (such as the .csproj.nuspec issue - it’s related to the way TeamCity patches files), so you might like to do an Update-Package OctoPack.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Paul this has definitely helped and everything now seems to be working fine. I’m looking forward to your further blog posts on using TeamCity and OctoPack together!