Octopack 3.0.31 not packaging a dependencyof a dependency

I have Windows Service Project A with the following dependency graph:

Windows Service Project A
Class Library Project B

Class Library Project C

Octopack 3.0.31 is installed on ProjectA. Project A references project B and C. Accusoft.PdxXpress4.Net.dll gets octopacked but Accusoft.ImagXpress10.Net.dll doesn’t. CopyLocal is set to true on both Accusoft dll’s. The only way I can get this scenario to work with Octopack is to establish an artificial dependency between Project A and the Accusoft dll’s. Why would Octopack not package these dll’s?

Hi Scott,

As OctoPack just adds the files that are in the build output folder, can you check and make sure that the Accusoft.ImagXpress10.Net.dll is copied to the output folder for the Windows Service? It seems like it may not be, as OctoPack does not exclude anything when packing.

I found this blog post about the same issue (but different third-party DLL) http://www.gitshah.com/2013/01/msbuild-doesnt-copy-dll-references-from.html, so it seems that MSBuild does not deem it necessary to copy the Accusoft.ImagXpress10.Net.dll to the output directory. There is a work-around specified in that blog post, maybe that could help you, or another way would be to include the Accusoft.ImagXpress10.Net.dll file inthe files section of your NuSpec file as per this page (about 3/4 of the way down the page) http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Using+OctoPack.

Hope that helps.

Henrik Andersson