Octoexe version 4.24.2 outputFormat=json unrecognized argument


I am trying to get a list of releases from our api using the command line tool version 4.24.2. I am receiving an unrecognized arguments error when i add --outputFormat=json.

According to the documentation for 4.1 --outputFormat=json should be a valid argument. Running --help also returns an unrecognized argument error. Is there anyway to specify the output to be json on 4.24.2?

$ octo list-releases --apiKey=****** --server=****** --project=****** --outputFormat=json

Hi @TBuss, thanks for reaching out.

The JSON output works with the latest version of the Octo CLI tools, which is version 4.41.2. The error in 4.24.2 was most likely a bug that has been resolved in later versions, so I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of the client.

Matt C

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