Octo push with multiple packages creates a release with previous package build

My application has two modules: API and UI which are separate applications, but are deployed at once.

When I do ‘octo push’ with both packages inline,

Octo push --package EBTellerAPI.1.0.0."${BUILD_NUMBER}".zip --package EBTellerUI.1.0.0."${BUILD_NUMBER}".zip --replace-existing --server http://octopus.server.com/ --apiKey “API-KEY”

A release is automatically created on the octopus server with the correct build for the first package and the previous build for the second package.

How can I delay the release creation till when the second package gets pushed?

Hi Tobi,

Thanks for reaching out! In this case what I’d recommend you to do is to disable the creation of the release/deployment when a specific package arrives, and instead first push the 2 packages with that command, and once that succeeds run Octo.exe create-release and deploy-release to create and deploy your release.

Hope that helps,