Octo.exe specfiying package does not work for script steps that reference a package

I’ve been using octo.exe from TeamCity and am trying to set package versions using “–package packageName:version” (or step name , either way the problem is the same)

I have no problems when the step is a “Deploy package” step, but when its a “Run a Powershell script” step that references a package, the information is ignored and the latest version chosen.

I tested this out by moving my script (with a minor change being a different variable for the package installation directory) from a “Run a Powershell script” that referenced a package to a “Deploy package” step with post-deploy script. A workaround of sorts, but won’t be possible for any script that references more than one package.

Steve Marsh

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch!

So that I can try and replicate the issue are you able to let me know the version of Octo.exe and Octopus Server you are currently using?

Thanks Steve, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this quickly for you.


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