Octo.exe Promote-Release Promotes wrong release

We have encountered an issues where during a build we are first calling octo.exe deploy-release with the --waitfordeployment to deploy it to the first environment. Then right after that finishes we are running octo.exe promote-release to promote it to the next environment. However, it then re-promotes the older version that has already been released instead of the new release.

For example:

  1. 1.0 has been release to Environment 1 & 2.

  2. Kick off build running octo.exe create-release and then deploy-release --waitfordeployment to deploy the new version to Environment 1.

  • Result: Release 1.0.1 is created and deployed to Environment 1
  1. A few milliseconds later, the build then runs octo.exe promote-release --deployto Environment 2.
  • Result: Release 1.0 is then re-deployed to Environment 2, instead of version 1.0.1.

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for getting in touch! We need to update the dashboard to get the query for the promote feature. It means you will need at least 2-4 seconds between step 2 and step 3. You could do this by adding a small scripted sleep at the start of step 3.
Or you could simply use deploy-release in step 3 with the environment 2.

Hope this helps!