Octo.exe not able to list projects based on machinerole


I was wondering if it will be possible to list projects based on the machinerole of a specific machine with octo.exe in the future.
This could be very usable for deploying Applications to newly installed machines/instances via a script.

Right now I have to write down the projects that I want to deploy to the servers, so every time I add a new project for that role I have to add it to the script.

This is the script I currently use:
$OctopusProject1=“Polling Test APP”

write-host “Get latest release for project $octopusProject1 and environment $environment"
Set-Alias Octo “F:\Acceptance install\Octo.exe” -scope Script
$release = (Octo list-latestdeployments --project=”$OctopusProject1" --server="$OctopusServer" --apikey="$APIKey" --environment="$Environment" | ?{$_.contains(" Version:") } | select-object -first 1)
if (!$release) {
write-warning "Current release for $octopusProject not found"

write-host “Pull current release of $octopusProject1 $release”
$release = $release -replace “\s+Version:\s+”, ““
Octo deploy-release --project=”$OctopusProject1” --server="$OctopusServer" --apikey="$APIKey" --releaseNumber="$release" --deployto="$Environment" --specificmachines="$env:COMPUTERNAME" --waitfordeployment --deploymenttimeout=“01:00:00”~

It would be a lot easier and less maintenance if I can create a list of all the applications for that server on that environment.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch! At the moment we just don’t record enough information to be able to answer this accurately. I’ve created an issue here to track it and we’ll make it possible in the future:

For now the closest thing we can do is to work out which versions of which projects are deployed to a given environment (we can’t go down to the a role or specific machine). Sorry about that.