Octo.EXE enhancements

we’re building a powershell script to automate calls to Octopus using Octo.EXE. we’re making it so that the use of the script can make a selection as to which environment to deploy to. I can hard-code it for now, but would prefer to have a “list-environments” command, similar to the list-project command.

also, list-projects adds a bit of ‘noise’ to the output, a few lines about handshaking, the number of projects, each project preceded with dash and followed by it’s project ID in parens.

could you add an option for list-projects (and for list-environments if you make it), for it to just output the names of the projects (or environments) and nothing else?


add to the wish list: a command to list the releases for a specified project. human readable, and noise-free for powershell scripts.


Hi Mike,

If you check out this thread. The bottom comment has solved this issue for you.
Colin/Swoogan has created PowerShell Cmdlets for Octopus Deploy.