Octo.exe cant deploy latest release from a channel if there are more than 30 releases for a project

Hi Guys,

I have come across an issue using octo.exe to deploy the latest release from a channel. Specifically if latest release for the channel is not in the latest 30 releases for the project it will not be found and you just receive the error below:

“Could not find the latest release for project ‘xxx’; either it does not exist or you lack permissions to view it.”


Hi Jonny,

Thanks for getting in touch and reporting that issue. It is a bug: we don’t look beyond the first page (30) of Releases when finding the “latest release for a project” or “latest release for a channel”.

I’ve raise this GitHub Issue to fix that bug. This should be fixed quickly, but in the meantime you’ll have to find and deploy that release manually if it is older than the most recent 30.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, glad it will be a quick fix :slight_smile:

Hi Jonny,

We just released octo.exe 3.3.15 which should fix this (and a few other issues related to paginating results).


Let me know if that fixes the issue for you and I’ll update the TeamCity and VSTS Extensions!

Hi Jonny,

I’ve updated the TeamCity and VSTS extensions after doing some more thorough testing internally.


Hope that helps!

Hi Michael,
Just completed some testing with the new version of Octo.exe and it is working perfectly!
Thanks for the speedy response.