Ocotpus Deployment step randomly silently exits?


We are noticing that sometimes our deployment steps in octopus appear to be exiting while in the middle of a step deployment but not showing an error, showing up as green, and is missing extra things we expect to see in the logs for the octopus step. Is there a known bug/patch that has been done that we are missing that is causing this?

Below are 2 screenshots. 1 of the incomplete deploy and 1 of the complete deploy.

Deployment that didn’t complete

Deployment that complete ( i have circled the stuff that is missing from the other screenshot ):

Octopus Deploy Version:

Tentacle Version:

Other Notes:

  • The deployment process uses a custom install directory

Hi @lochness,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, and sorry to hear you’re encountering that behavior.

That is strange the first deployment doesn’t show an error and I’m not sure yet what might be causing this, but do you see anything further in the raw task log? You can find this by clicking ‘RAW’ at the top of the task page. You’re welcome to send these logs in a direct message to me for review as well if you download them and attach them.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and figuring out what’s causing this.


Hey @patrick.smergut ,

Raw pretty much shows the same thing. It just thinks it completed when it didn’t and moves on.

Any other advice/recommendations? Is there a more formal process i should follow at this point to get support for our paid version of octopusdeploy?

Hey @lochness,

Just jumping in for Patrick as he won’t be on for another couple of hours. The forums and our support inbox are monitored by the same staff and treated with the same urgency, so it all comes down to whether you’d like to work your issues via the forums or via email. In the future if you’d like to work them via email the address is support@octopus.com.

Would you be able to DM me the text document of the full log as well as screenshots of how you have that specific step setup? Ideally, could you also send a screenshot of the structure of the package you are referencing/deploying?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hey @jeremy.miller and @patrick.smergut ,

I think i identified the problem and we can assume this is resolved. Turns out someone told ansible to restart the octopus tentacle service on every run of ansible so i think this might have been the issue.

Thanks for the help

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Hey @lochness,

You’re very welcome thanks for updating us with the solution.

Please feel free to reach out in the future with any other issues and I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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