Object reference not set


I’m getting an Object Reference not set error when trying to save/update a step template. I’m on Octopus version 3.10.0 so I suspect the answer is “upgrade” but I thought I’d see if there’s anything quicker.


Thanks for getting in touch! I can’t reproduce your problem locally and we have made quite a few changes to this area since 3.10.0 was released so upgrading to the latest version of Octopus might be worthwhile. If that’s not an option I would need a copy of your step template and a description of changes your are trying to make.

You can get a full copy of the step by navigating to http://YOUR_OCTOPUS_SERVER/api/actiontemplates/ACTION_TEMPLATE_ID in your browser. ACTION_TEMPLATE_ID follows ActionTemplates-XX pattern and you should be able to grab it from your browser address bar when you navigate to the step template details.

I made this conversation private to make sure your data is visible only to you and me.

Please, let me know how you go.



I the end I think we cloned the step template and the new one saved fine, so I don’t really know what happened. Going to push to upgrade. Thanks.