Nunit-console nunit3-console.exe not existing/hanging when invoked in Octopus as the last deploy step

Have two issues. We are using nunit Console Runner 3.2.1. We are using nunit test step template. When this step is processed towards the end of deploy all tests are run and results captured in the xml file specific as an argument in the step template for nunit.
This process never ends and has to be manually killed at which point the tentacle service has to be restarted before the deploy can be tried again. But restarting the tentacle doesn’t help at all and the server has to be restarted before things are back to normal with the tentacle service.
Any insight would be much appreciated.

Hi Zain,

Thanks for getting in touch! The step template is pretty solid and does nothing much more than run nunit-console.exe for your assemblies.
To troubleshoot I would suggest running your tests under your own user via nunit-console.exe and see what the behaviour is.

Please let me know what you find or if there is any output.