Nuget step feature "IIS web site and application pool" and IIS subfolder

I’ve googled this a lot and there are some hits, but the circumstances for most of them were unclear, so I will try to more concrete. My question is about the Nuget Deploy step and the feature “IIS web site and application pool” and whether or not it is able to deploy to a subfolder of a IIS site?

That is we have a IIS website: MySite
With sub-applications: v1, v2, v3
And we would like to deploy to f.ex. v3.

From the OD feature one is prompted for “Web Site name” which works fine if the deployment target was MySite. For this one I’ve tried MySite/v3 and MySite\v3 but neither are working. The log will show:

Site "MySite/v3" does not exist, creating...
Attempt 1 of 5 failed: Undefined object type v3.
Parameter name: nodeName

Interestingly I’ve used the simpler feature “IIS6+ home directory” for this purpose before, and it supports “MySite/v3”. At the same time it cannot create the site/pool which I also need.

Possibly I could use the “IIS web site and application pool” feature with a dummy nuget package which only contains the v1, v2, v3 subfolders, and then have the “IIS6+ home directory” update the path for the subfolder application. I expect IIS has some metadata on the v3 level that would make this not work, though…

Hi Moh,

Thanks for getting in touch. The correct way would be

  1. Use “IIS Web Site and application pool” to create the website and app pool. This would include the v1, v2, v3 subfolders.
  2. Use this step template to create/update the application under MySite .!/step-template/actiontemplate-iis-application-create

Hope that helps!