NuGet server authentication using API Key

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody else had success authenticating from Octopus to a NuGet server using an API key instead of user/pass. We’re thinking about installing ProGet locally for publishing NuGet packages to instead of the built-in TeamCity server, which is what we’re using currently. I’d like to poke around the Octopus server logs to see what’s going on, but the only error in the OctoupsServer.log file is when I put in the wrong URL for the ProGet server.


Hi Stephen,

I don’t think we support this scenario in Octopus today; not sure if there are workarounds, will keep an eye on it.


Any updates to this? I’m in the same boat


There is a current UserVoice suggestion about this. It could use a lot of love.

So please go and vote and comment