Nuget Push Errors, How to Troubleshoot?


Every once in a while I receive an error at the end of my build like:

C:\Builds\1\Pulse\Pulse\src\Trunk\packages\OctoPack.3.0.44\tools\OctoPack.targets (105): The command "“C:\Builds\1\Pulse\Pulse\src\Trunk\packages\OctoPack.3.0.44\tools\NuGet.exe” push “C:\Builds\1\Pulse\Pulse\src\Trunk\Pulse.Web\obj\octopacked\Pulse.Web.” API-AJFU33JMOUSEYMICKYOVQ72C1UB -s " exited with code 1.

I will run the build again and it will succeed. There is no other package with the number, so that isn’t the issue. I look through the log and there are no more details than what is displayed above. I can’t find anything on the server, I don’t think it made it there yet (unless there some type of http log I am not aware of). How do I go about troubleshooting this?

Octopus version 3.1.4
OctoPack version 3.0.44
Building on TFS 2013

Thank you,

Hi Brett,

This is a public forum, your API key and Octopus server url were posted unobfuscated. You may want to change your API key. I’ve marked the thread as private.

I would try calling NuGet.exe push directly instead of through OctoPack. You might get a more detailed error code in your logs to help troubleshoot. You could also pass -verbosity detailed to NuGet.exe.

There error is not very helpful, is it? I’ll have a look at what we can do better in OctoPack to make it more helpful. I have a feeling NuGet is returning something that OctoPack is not logging.


The API is actually obfuscated, hence the Micky Mouse within. :slight_smile: I have made this post public so it may help others.

Thanks I will try that. Not actually sure where I would use `-verbosity detailed’. I am assuming if I call Nuget directly or updating the OctoPack command.

I have tried running this from the command line many times hoping for more of a message, though to date it has always succeeded when I have done that.

Hi Brett,

Ah, I didn’t catch the Micky Mouse. :slight_smile:

At the end of your build I imagine you have /p:OctoPackPublishPackageToHttp? Instead of that, would it be possible to add another step that calls NuGet.exe directly, like this:

"NuGet.exe" push "C:\Builds\1\Pulse\Pulse\src\Trunk\Pulse.Web\obj\octopacked\Pulse.Web." API-AJFU33JMOUSEYMICKYOVQ72C1UB -s "

You can pass -verbosity detailed to NuGet.exe or by using the OctoPackNuGetArguments parameter with OctoPack.


Is there a variable I can use to know what the current package and path is? Can’t really hard code that stuff.

Hi Brett,

Here is what the command looks like in OctoPack:

$(OctoPackNuGetExePath)" push "@(OctoPackBuiltPackages)" $(OctoPackPublishApiKey) -s $(OctoPackPublishPackageToHttp) $(OctoPackNuGetPushProperties)

You may be able to use @(OctoPackBuiltPackages) as the variable for the package to push.


So I did get a error out of the log:
Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

I found there was more detail further up in the log where the OctoPack steps are logged.

Being intermittent probably something with our environment. I was never able to add another step for the nuget push.