NuGet packages with dependencies

I was wondering if there is a solution to this problem referenced in 2011.

Hi there- Octopack correctly includes all dependent DLLs when packaging a project. If you are using NuGet.exe to pack, you can use a wildcard /*.dll file specification to grab all required DLLs from the /bin folder.

Octopack is definitely the recommended solution though.

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Hi Nicholas,

I have tried several things to eliminate the dependencies that is produced with building the nuget in Team City without any luck. The project is out of the box visual studio project. I have done nothing to it. Even the dll for entity framework shows up in the bin folder. I am confused. Any help would be appreciated.



TeamCityPkg.txt (1 KB)

Hi Nate,

Using the TeamCity plugin for Octopus is a simpler way to go here. You can just remove the dependency/file list from the NUSPEC file and it should be packaged correctly.

Complete instructions are here:


Hi Nick,

The nuspec file is created and injects the dependencies when nuget is built. It is out of my control. Does Octopus deal with dependencies. In the post from 2011
It sounds as if the octopus does not handle this. Does it now??



Hi Nate,

Thanks for the posts. Octopus doesn’t deal with dependencies - mainly because it still isn’t clear what we’d do with them. If a package depends on Entity Framework, should we download it to a new folder? The same folder? Should we by convention copy the DLL’s into the bin folder, or what if there isn’t a bin folder?

Instead we assume the entire application as it needs to be deployed is contained in a single package. EF is included because at runtime, the DLL for EF needs to be in the bin directory. Unfortunately there just isn’t an obvious, works-for-all-situations way for us to handle referenced dependencies.


This is a good explanation of the dependency thing.