Nuget Package with octopack and team city

I was able to create the nuget package successfully , when i build the project locally from visual studio and i see that package got created inside obj\octopacked folder. but when i run build through teamcity, i am not able to see the package inside the obj\octopacked folder.

below is my build log

[10:41:07]OctoPack: usage: NuGet pack <nuspec | project> [options]


[10:41:07]OctoPack: Creates a NuGet package based on the specified nuspec or project file.


[10:41:07]OctoPack: Specify the location of the nuspec or project file to create a package.


[10:41:07]OctoPack: options:


[10:41:07]OctoPack: -OutputDirectory Specifies the directory for the created NuGet package file. If not specified, uses the current directory.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -BasePath The base path of the files defined in the nuspec file.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Verbose Shows verbose output for package building.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Version Overrides the version number from the nuspec file.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Exclude + Specifies one or more wildcard patterns to exclude when creating a package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Symbols Determines if a package containing sources and symbols should be created. When specified with a nuspec, creates a regular NuGet package file and the corresponding symbols package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Tool Determines if the output files of the project should be in the tool folder.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Build Determines if the project should be built before building the package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -NoDefaultExcludes Prevent default exclusion of NuGet package files and files and folders starting with a dot e.g. .svn.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -NoPackageAnalysis Specify if the command should not run package analysis after building the package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -ExcludeEmptyDirectories Prevent inclusion of empty directories when building the package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -IncludeReferencedProjects Include referenced projects either as dependencies or as part of the package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Properties + Provides the ability to specify a semicolon “;” delimited list of properties when creating a package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -MinClientVersion Set the minClientVersion attribute for the created package.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Help (?) help

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -Verbosity Display this amount of details in the output: normal, quiet, detailed.

[10:41:07]OctoPack: -NonInteractive Do not prompt for user input or confirmations.


[10:41:07]OctoPack: For more information, visit


[10:41:07]OctoPack: OctoPack successful

where should i specify the path for the nuspec or project file


Thanks for getting in touch! I am not really sure what is going on in those logs except it looks like NuGet pack is not being called correctly.
We have some Videos on how to Integrate TeamCity and Octopus that should help you figure out where this went wrong, as it is step by step. The videos for TC are down the bottom.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for quick reply, i will checkout the videos

thank you for your help. i was able to generate nuget package finally in my teamcity project. strange thing is if i add this property true in my webproject and uncheck the checkbox in teamcity for Run OctoPack , then only it is generating the nuget package. if i remove the
true from project and check the checkbox and then its not generating .

Thank you for your help, i was able to create nuget package with octopack