Nuget Package Restore Issue


Within my nuget package I have files that have the filename structure of PaymentPlan.[MC_BaseForm].xml. If is use the nuget package manager to export the package these files exist, but when the tentacle exports the package all files that contain [ ] are removed. Why would this be happening and is there a workaround?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch! It is a known issue that Nuget doesn’t handle files with square brackets quite good. Depending on the version of Nuget you are using, the files might be visible inside the package or not (despite the fact that they are actually inside the package). This bug has been reported on our site but we still haven’t planned an approach for it:

On the bug report a user proposed a fix, but honestly it might be easier to change the square brackets for another character like Underscores.

Warm regards,


Hi Dalmiro,

I will need to double check, but I believe that when the package is extracted and placed in the Octopus\Applications<source> that the files exist. It is just when octopus the copies the files actual deployment location that they are missed. We have a custom deployment location.

In the short term I have a workaround. I have renamed the files within the nugget package and then once they are copied to the final deployment location I rename them. But nasty, but it works.

The files are supplied by a 3rd party so I cannot control then naming convention.