Nuget package fails to extract all content

One of the steps in our deployment pipeline expands a nupkg to the applications directory, for consumption during a later step. This nupkg contains 4 folders “Scripts”, “Package”, “PublishProfiles”, “ApplicationParameters”. 3 of the folders expand properly (Scripts, PublishProfiles, ApplicationParameters), but the “Package” folder never appears (on ver 3.4.15). Expanding the same nupkg on an Octopus 3.3.10 server the folder does appear…

Did something change with nupkgs between those versions, is this a known bug, are there any work-arounds?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve dug into this, and it seems that the issue stems from package being a reserved folder name inside a nuget package. For performance reasons, we have our own package extraction implementation, and in the 3.4.0 release, we fixed a bug where it was extracting the package folder when it shouldn’t.

Extracting the same packages with nuget.exe also excludes the package folder, so the behaviour is consistent across Octopus and nuget.

The only workaround would be to rename your folder from Package to something else. If it has to be Package later on, you could add a Post-deployment script to rename it back to Package.

Hope that helps!


This issue has been fixed in 3.11.17 to restore the previous behaviour