Nuget Feed Priority

We have a teamcity server that uses a global nuget feed. I started seeing this error:

“Activity failed with error ’ could not be downloaded to the package cache from NuGet feed ’ after making 5 attempts over a total of 100s. Make sure the package is pushed to the feed and try the deployment again”

After reading the documentation I started pushing to the internal Octopus Nuget Feed, but I am still getting this step. Is there a way to configure octopus to only look at the internal feed at the project level? Or a way I can prioritize external feeds?

I also tried creating a project level feed in nuget and adding it to the octopus external feed. Since we have a global nuget feed from teamcity, I think its trying to use the same feed it has always used.

Can I correct this issue without having to reconfigure all of my octopus projects?

Thank you!

Adding to this:

The package MyPackage v1.0.3127 could not be downloaded to the package cache from NuGet feed ‘TeamCityNuget’

This same MyPackage v1.0.3127 is in the Packages Library of the Built in Octopus nuget feed.

I see the solution, I forgot you could set the feed Id in each process step.

Hi @sreedy,
Sorry for the delayed response. Glad to hear you were able to locate and update the Package feed. Here’s our document page on Package Deployments for future reference.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.
Kind Regards,

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