NuGet feed for one project not updating like it should

Created a new project the other day, and for some reason the nuget feed won’t update properly when we upload a new package. Thims makes it impossible to create new releases. When I search for the package under Test for the nuget feed, it shows up, but not when I try to create a new release. This is a filebased feed. For our previous 25 or so projects, there is no problem at all. We are running version 3.4.13.

Hi Nikolai,

Thanks for reaching out. Couple of questions and requests from your setup:

  • Could you share a screenshot of your feed configuration from Library -> External Feeds I’m interested in being able to see the full path of the feed folder.

  • A screenshot of the successful feed test showing this package.

  • A screenshot of the file explorer showing the latest package you are talking about.

  • After you click on the “Create Release” button, if you open your browser’s javascript console, do you see any errors on it? Octopus might be having problems looking for that package. You might also wanna check the “Network” tab in the browser’s development tools to see if there’s any missing API calls on it.

  • A screenshot of the “Create Release” screen where you cannot see the latest package.


Find the screenshots attached. There are no javascript errors or missing API calls when creating the release as far as I can tell.

WIth regards,
Nikolai Maric (60 KB)

Hi Nikolai,

Judging by the screenshot CreateRelease.png, the step UsbKunde is using the Octopus Server (built-in) repository instead of the one called TFS Server which is where your latest packages are on.

That’s most likely the issue :slight_smile:


It sure was :). Thanks for the help!

With regards,
Nikolai Maric